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Appendix 1 -- Modern rendition of Daniel Hovey's petition for reimbursement.

"To the Honored Council now sitting in Boston; the humble petition of Daniel Hovey of Ipswich,

"Whereas your humble petitioner was an inhabitant of Hadley in the time of the most recent Indian wars, and there spent much of my own funds in the country's service against the common enemy (the Indians); and since that time have moved from Hadley to Ipswich, where I have remained now these past three years; and by reason of the remote distance from Hadley and being cut-off from information because of this, I missed the opportunity of sending in my last accounting, together with my neighbors there, to the last Sessions of the General Court; which caused me much labor and long travel from Ipswich; yet at last I have obtained a certificate of my expenses from the Committee of Militia in Hadley, being the last of mine expenses there on the country's service; amounting to 11 pounds, 13 shillings and 8 pence; according to the certificate; now my humble request and petition is that your Honors would be pleased to grant me an Order to the Constables of Ipswich that I may receive the amount of money there; where my settled residence is, since I have no further business or dealings in Hadley; that so I may improve my present financial condition, and may have the remainder for the relief of my family, which has been much strained by my losses and expenses there in Ipswich during the time of the wars, and by expenses both then and since. The Lord direct your counsels and assist your endeavors in all weighty transactions now in hand, that we may rejoice and bless God under your good government continued over us. So I pray

Your humble petitioner,


The order thereon was as follows: --

"28 February

It is ordered that the Treasurer pay to Daniel Hovey of Ipswich the sum of Eleven pounds out of there country rate in full of all his accounts in controversy

P council EDWARD RAWSON Secretary

Councils act to pay Daniel Hovey 11th 1681."