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Appendix 3 -- Modern Rendition of the Last Will and Testament of Daniel Hovey.

"I, Daniel Hovey, Senior, of Ipswich, considering the changes of man, do desire, by the help of the Lord to settle my concerns as may be for the glory of God and the good of my family; my soul I desire to resign and commit unto the hand of my loving Father in Jesus Christ, who is the Lord, my Righteousness; my body to be decently buried in earth in hope of a glorious and blessed Resurrection by Christ, Amen.

"Item: The estate which God and His grace has given me, I have disposed of as follows; to my eldest sons, Daniel and John Hovey, and my daughter Ayers, I have given them their proportions of the Estate; I had to our mutual content the one at Ipswich, the other in Topsfield, now in their possession, Abigail's paid by my son, John to my son, Ayers:

"Item: To my son Thomas and James, his son, Daniel, I give all that my island called Hovey's Island, which, with the thatchbanks and low marsh, belonging to me on the other side of the creek which I allowed Quartermaster Perkins to improve, holding my possession till I had occasion for same, also all the house and land in Ipswich that I shall not dispose of before death.

"Item: I give to my son Joseph and Nathaniel Hovey one hundred rods of ground apiece; Joseph bounded next to Mr. Emerson's land from the highway to the land Daniel Ring; Nathaniel one hundred rods of my land next to my son Daniel with the dwelling house, barn, part of the orchard to but upon Daniel Ring: half planting lot about three acres with a way to it or the bridge I made to go to it; three acres at Plum Island, also: which lands I leave in the hands of my Executor and overseers: yet if left after my death, to be disposed of as follows: the children of Joseph Hovey: to have an equal proportion of what is left after my death: as to their father's legacy: the children of my son Nathaniel to have an equal proportion: amounts for only Nathaniel Hovey, the son of Nathaniel Hovey, to have a double proportion: if he live to the age of one and twenty; if not, then to be divided among the other children of the family:

"Item: My movables to my son Nathaniel, those sheep he has of mine to his children: my cart and plow irons, chains, great tramill, great brass kettle, iron kettle, little iron pot: my pewter poringer and drinking cup, with one chamber pot: and my wife's wearing apparel; to Nathaniel's children: the other to Joseph, his brother's children: all my wearing clothes, my great brass pot and pewter pot and my great Bible and books as follows: Come To Christ and Welcome Cotten one the Covenant mader: 7 : Sermons; to Nathaniel's children, to Daniel's grandchild, those sheep with his master and books also Christian warser Caleun one Job tenn deuins ye golden scepter with what other Books undisposed by me and mine and such tools for his trade as are suitable of mine: to Abigail Hodgkins, wife of Thomas Hodgkins, the brass pan and pewter saltseller, my part of the mare and colt, to grandchild Daniel and Ivory.

"Item: My interest of Brockfield and Swampfield I give to my son, Joseph and Nathaniel's children.

"Item: I make my son, Thomas, Executor and would have his nephew, in case he lives to age, if capable to join in the same with him, and he to pay out of his part to his brother James and sister Priscilla and John Ayres ten pounds apiece within three after his possession and in case of his part: my bed bolster and pillow, with my green rug, a pair of blankets, with the bedstead to Daniel, grandchild; I would have my son, John, of Topsfield to take in to his possession with his books:

"Item: I do appoint my loving sons Daniel Hovey; and John Hovey to be overseers of this my Last Will; and say: to discharge my funeral charges, which I allow four pounds from the estate: and to take any inventory of my estate: and discharge all my debts and make probate of my will: and to say his nephew have their equal proportion: Joseph and [torn] children how have lately deceased: for which I allow my overseers three pounds apiece for their care and trouble: This is my will: as witness my hand and seal.





aged seventy three & going to

seventy four this on

twentieth day of March, one

thousand six hundred

ninety one or two (SEAL)"

The following is a copy of the inventory of the estate of Daniel Hovey: --

"An Inventory of the Estate of Daniel Hovey, Senior, Deceased the twenty fourth of April (1692)
£ s d
Item. The homestead with about three acres of tilled land 50 00 00
Item one acer of low ground with about 3 acres tilled 24 00 00
Item in Nolton Lot, about one acre with house and wharf 35 00 00
Item: Island of upland and saltmarsh containing about 18 acres It is called Hovey's Island 80 00 00
Item 3 acres marsh at Plum Island by the knobs 3 10 00
feather bed a bolster and pillow, a green rug and 2 blankets 7 00 00
Item Several books that were valued at 5 00 00
Item in sheep 20s , half a mare, half 2 yearling colt 3 10 00
Item to linings 34s and woolen cloth, much worn with several other old things 3 15 00
Item to woolen clothing, one cambric suit, 2 pair of shoes 3 16 00
Item household goods, namely pewter and brass 4 10 6
Item husbandry tools, cart irons, and plow irons, whip saw 2 10 00
Item arms and ammunition 00 14 00
248 01 00
Item one brass pot 001 00 00
May the 21, 1692 Leftenant Burnam and Philemon Dane

we are the appraisers of the estate, named particulars.