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This page contains family history information and links related to the descendants of Daniel Hovey, the first Hovey in America. Among others, it incorporates the basic text of a recently completed document, The American Progenitors of Joseph Grafton Hovey. The Introduction provides some details about the creation of this document.

A brief sketch follows:

Daniel Hovey, born August 9, 1618 at Waltham Abbey, England, was a pioneer and planter in America. He came to America in 1635 at the age of 17 and lived until 1692, leaving a large family. He lived a long life and was witness to a great deal of the history of early America. Being the first American Hovey, it is also interesting to some of what is known of Daniel's English roots, including information about the Hovey Crest (shown above) and the Hovey surname.

Joseph Hovey, one of Daniel's sons, was born in 1653 and died in 1693. He conducted a tavern. He was insolvent when he died.

John Hovey, Joseph's son, was born August 21, 1684 in Hadley, Massachusetts and died in 1714. He was a baker and conducted a tavern.

Ebenezer Hovey, John's son, was born July 12, 1714 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was a housewright (built houses). Had one son named Thomas. Died at age of 26 in 1742.

(Note) Our line nearly passed out at this point with only one child. But this child Thomas made up for it later as you will see...)

Thomas Hovey, Ebenezer's son, was born August 14, 1740 in Newton, Massachusetts. He was in the battle of Bunker Hill and a Major Drummer in Washington's Army. He was the father of sixteen children and gave our line another good start. He died in 1807.

Thomas Hovey(Deacon), was born August 8, 1776 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was a blacksmith and farmer. He and his wife had 10 children. Thomas died in 1829.

Joseph Grafton Hovey, son of Thomas, was born November 17, 1812 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He married 4 times and had 18 children. He moved west with the Mormon Pioneers and settled in Utah. He was a blacksmith, farmer and stone mason. He helped cut stone for the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. He died in 1868.

James Alma Hovey, son of Joseph Grafton Hovey and Joseph's fourth wife, Lusannah Goodrich Hovey, was born June 13, 1855 in Salt Lake City. He was a farmer. He and his wife had 9 children. He died Oct. 22, 1936.

Merlin Ross Hovey, son of James Alma, was born Sept. 21, 1886 and died January 21, 1965.

This web page is provided for Merlin's descendants and all other Hoveys who share an interest in Family History.


On Saturday, June 20, 1998, a ceremony was held at the Kimball-Whitney Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah, to dedicate a plaque marking the resting place of Joseph Grafton Hovey. The cemetery is located north of the LDS Church Office Building, directly east of the Kimball Apartments. The dedication was held in conjunction with the Kimball Family Reunion. This plaque was made possible through the tireless efforts of many of the descendants of Joseph Grafton Hovey, and in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Durrans of Kaysville, UT. The plaque is provided by the LDS Church Historic Sites Committee, in conjunction with the LDS Museum of Church History and Art.

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