Ebenezer Hovey

Ebenezer Hovey was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 12, 1714. He was a housewright (one who built houses). He lived in his native town until his marriage, when he moved to Watertown. Nov. 1, 1736 he sold to his brother, John, for 70 pounds, his interest in the estates of their father and brother Thomas.

Ebenezer married Mary, daughter of Deacon Joseph and Mary (Monk) Mason of Watertown on April 7, 1737. She was born in Boston Oct. 23, 1711. He died in Watertown April 11, 1742 at the age of 27. She survived him, and married Caleb Fuller of Newton Dec. 27, 1750. He was a weaver and lived in Newton.

Ebenezer's life was very short. The historical context of his life coincided with the beginning of a new ruling family for Great Britain -- the Hanoverians. George I assumed the throne, son of Ernest, Elector of Hanover and Sophia, granddaughter of James I. He was raised in a German province and could speak little or no English. He did not care for England and left its rule to Parliament and the newly created post of Prime Minister, Robert Walpole being the first. The most notable benefit of George's reign was his sponsorship of Johann Sebastian Bach.

George I died in 1727 when Ebenezer was only thirteen years old. George II assumed the throne and he was the reigning monarch of Great Britain when Ebenezer Hovey's short life came to an end.

Ebenezer's only child was Thomas.